Top Excuses That Keep You From Exercising

You know the benefits of exercising, so you know that you should devote some time to it each day, still some devil gets into you and keeps you from investing that time in your long-term health. Here are some popular excuses that prevent people like you from exercising:

1. You don’t have the time. Okay, so you don’t have the time to leave home and hit the gym because of your commitments to your family. So, why not combine some of the things you do with exercise? Say, while watching TV, perhaps you could do some spot jogging or use resistance bands for a few strength training exercises. If you’re really hard pressed for time, you could exercise in short bursts of time, say 10 minutes at a time. After all, some activity is better than no activity at all.

2. You’re way too tired even think about exercising. If you’re low on energy because of all the physical work you do through the day, exercising will help to restore that energy. With exercise, your body makes endorphins or feel-good hormones which help to improve your blood circulation. To give you a head start for an energetic, power-packed day, it would help you immensely to put exercise at the top of your to-do list for the day.

3. Your kids are such a handful that being with them is like exercising. If you take your kids out to the park to play each day, go for a walk or jump rope while they play. Or, play cricket or badminton with your kids or any other fun game.

4. You’re just not motivated to exercise. You can be motivated to exercise if you see the long-term benefits of it. For this, you need to set short- and long-term goals and achieve them, bit by bit. By taking a photo of yourself when you start out and another one a month later, you can see the difference in your appearance and this could motivate you to achieve your overall target.

For each person, the motivation to exercise is different but important. Perhaps, you’ve been dying to get into that slinky bikini but can’t because you won’t fit into it. For others, it’s that sluggish feeling all day that they want to beat or perhaps, one just wants to exercise as a preventative to disease and ill-health. Whatever your reason, exercise can be the cure-all you should try out.

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