Tips to look slim & gorgeous in Indian ethnic wear

The fact is, Indian wear in general imparts a slimmer look to women. With drapes and layers so integral to Indian outfits, you can very well use these dresses to reveal your beautiful parts and camouflage the ones which are bulky!

Indian women, with their great culture and rich heritage, loaded with traditions, are naturally beautiful. Yet there are times when you are still sad about the fact that you look fat in Indian clothes! Here is an article for all those women who want to know how to look slim in Indian outfits.


Saree has till now been ones of the sexiest Indian attires and no matter how much we let the western gowns and dresses use in the world of fashion, a beautifully worn designer sarees is going to swoon all the hearts at the end.

Now you can look slimmer and hide those flabs of unwanted fat with the perfect fabric and drape style. Check in for the most important things to keep in mind for a slimmer look when you drape your Sari this time!!!

  • Draping of the Saree

Draping your saree and pleating it properly is quintessential in this. You can wear whatever you want to, but draping your saree properly can totally make you look slimmer. Make sure your saree is tucked in well and tightly on your waist and is wrapped around your hips in a proper way. Make sure to use pins in the right places to keep everything in place. A loose, poorly draped saree is only going to make you look broader than you are.

  • Hide that fat with the perfect prints!!

If you want to look slim in saree, the trick is that you should go for small and lighter prints. Avoid heavy embroidery or bold prints as they will make you look fat. Even if you are wearing an embroidered saree, prefer those sarees having small motifs designs to look slim in saree. If you are picking up a printed saree then avoid large prints and go for small prints. Understand that if you are a bit on healthier side then heavy fabric, heavy embroidery, big prints are just not meant for you as they may ruin your saree look.

  • Wear Dark Colors to Look Slim

It’s a fact that dark colours make you look slim. Which is why you can always opt for a deep shade when you want to look slim in your saree. Well, isn’t that the reason black can never go out of style?

  • Choose the Right Fabric

Choose the fabrics that clung to your body and hug you naturally. Airier fabrics like south cotton or south silk make you look even plump as they add volume while draping. Pick up lighter fabrics like georgette, crepe, satin or chiffon.

  • Right Footwear

Right footwear is yet another important thing that helps you to achieve a slimmer look. Stilettos are just perfect to make you look uber-chic in a saree, anarkali dress or a lehenga. Another option that you have is a gorgeous pair of pumps. The motive is to add length to your body and make you look more ‘in shape’.

  • Right Accessories:

A saree is never complete without some jewellery. Jewellery should be worn according to the occasion and look of the saree. But it is important to make sure it is not overdone. Too much of mismatched, loud or colourful jewellery can ruin the look of the saree and make you look gaudy. The trick is to keep it simple and minimal so that the beauty of the saree is enhanced with one statement piece of jewellery. It also helps you to look younger!

Plain cotton sarees look best with simple studs, or a light dangling earring, a thin gold chain and a couple of gold bangles to complete the look. A saree with silver zari looks best with silver or diamond jewellery while a saree with gold work teams up well with gold jewellery. Kundan jewellery matches up well with chiffon sarees and temple jewellery suits silk sarees. South Indian coin jewellery works well with designer sarees. Gold plated jewellery will match all your traditional sarees. Jewellery with a combination of traditional and western designs is best suited for a faux georgette saree.

A word of advice! Heavy necklaces don’t suit women with fat on their neck and collar bone.


It is not only about learning how to wear designer lehenga choli to look slim, but also about how to drape lehenga. In this day and age, if the saree can be draped a million ways to make it look modern and chic, or to make the plus sized beauty look slimmer, so can be the ways on how to wear lehenga to look slim.

  • Right Fabric

When shopping for lehengas, look for fabrics that do not stick to the body. For example, you don’t want to buy fabrics such as satin and lycra that can stick to you. These are fabrics that wouldn’t make you look slim. Pick georgettes, light satins, brocade, tussar, cotton, chanderi fabrics and crepes which are much more flattering when you are trying to get the slimmer look. Raw silk, organza and net can make you look more bulky.

  • For The Sleeves

The blouse can be really modified for someone to look slimmer. Choose net or a see-through fabric for the sleeves and go for an elbow-length sleeve and make sure the neckline is a nice sweetheart one or a scoop neck. It’ll do the trick.

  • Panelled Style

Girls have different preferences. Some like wide borders or mermaid cuts, some prefer full-flared or tiered ones. The cut of the lehenga is very important and in order to look slim, we suggest you opt for panelled lehenga or kali-wala lehenga, if you are trying to look leaner in the lehenga. Each panel is broader at the hemline and tapers to the waist, making the wearer appear slimmer and taller!

  • Small motifs sprinkled all over!

If you are opting for a fully-flared lehenga then a sprinkle of small motifs all over will make your lehenga look like an endless palette and those bootis will not draw much attention towards a particular point. Instead they will blend in to give a subtle yet slim look.

  • Choice of footwear matters

The choice of footwear matters when it comes to traditional attire. High heels or stilettos look best with an outfit like the lehenga. They not only make you look elegant but also add length to the outfit, which in turn implies a slimmer, leaner look overall.

  • Right Accessories

The perfect accessories can also help you in looking slim in a lehenga. The one rule that you need to remember to avoid wearing chokers as they can make you look heavier. Try and wear long necklaces or layered necklaces.


  • No heavy fabrics and embroidery:

Materials such as starched cotton, chanderi or even those like khadi can make anyone look bigger than they are. Stick to something simple, light and easy on the eye for maximum effect. Delicate embroideries, minimal Swarovski embellishments and thin borders work wonders. Georgettes and crepes along with cotton blends are the best choices.

  • Sleeves

Full sleeves and 3/4th sleeves can add bulk to your look, so make it easier on your body with short sleeves that make you look younger. Five inches is a good and safe length to have.

  • Straight cuts

Anarkalis, A-line cuts and flare-cuts are popular but they are not ones that flatter your figure. Choose straight cuts that instead keep you well-fitted, snug and chic. Plus, they give you the illusion of being taller. If your bust is a problem area, then make sure you don’t do high necks or bold embroideries there.

  • Watch out the length

The length of the kurti must be adequate. Long length kurti do look good but not always with typical leggings. For a long kurti, you’ll need salwars like palazzos, trouser style and parallels. Remember that the right length of the kurti is just below the knees, so if you’re not sure what length of kurti will be good, just go for this option.

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