Throwback in time: vintage mother of the bride dresses for the timeless wedding

There are so many things to do and plan when it comes to a wedding! And if you are a vintage bride planning a vintage wedding, you absolutely cannot forget about the vintage mother of the bride dress. Although maybe something on the lower end of your to-do list, check out some insight and info below to help speed up the process and make dress shopping a little less stressful for both the bride and the mother’s sake.

Traditional vs. Non-Traditional

While a vintage theme is many times very traditional looking, if you are a unique bride wanting to incorporate a vintage style, there are definitely ways to do so. If you are going for a traditional style, then first and foremost, make sure the mother of the bride is very modest in appearance. No outlandish bead work, no low neckline, and a longer length with sleeves of some sort. With it comes to traditional, the more plain, the better. When it comes to Non-Traditional, you can incorporate some lace or slight shimmer in the dress, as well as go with a shorter length dress and smaller sleeves. While it is always good to keep the mother modest, with non-traditional you can do almost anything. Because it is just that: non-traditional!


Maybe you are stuck on what colors to incorporate. If you already have a color scheme picked out, then, by all means go with your original plan for the color! There is no reason to change that. When it comes to color, the softer and creamier the tone is, the better. Whether it be ivory, soft beige, light grey, or creamy red, the less bold the color is, the more attention will be focused on the bride.

Styles and Length

There is not necessarily one length that is more vintage then another. You can go with a knee length dress and get the same effect as a floor length. If you are doing a vintage, classy, and traditional wedding combined, then a floor length dress might be just the trick. If you are having a vintage, less traditional outdoor wedding, then a shorter dress might suit you better.

When it comes to style, consider what the mother of the bride prefers. Vintage mother of the bride dresses tend to have sleeves, whether it be cap sleeves or three quarter length sleeves. There are normally no patterns, unless the dress is decorated in slight lace or ruching. A simple add on such as a jewel pendent or a bow will also give a little extra vintage to the dress as well.

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