The ideal outfits for hectic days

Whether you’re a busy mom, an employee, a college student or an entrepreneur, a hectic day is sure to have its toll on you. But if you’re wearing the right outfit, you’ll notice that things will be comparatively much easier.

So what should a busy day outfit be like? For starters, it should be all about comfort, but this doesn’t mean that you just have to wear sneakers, tracksuits or yoga pants. It can be a bit hard to find an elegant and comfortable outfit combination but that’s why we’re here. Follow these simple but life-saving tips to look chic and professional while being at ease no matter how haphazard your schedule gets.

The Beauty Of Simplicity

We often undermine how amazing the simplest outfits can look when styled properly. There’s such a huge range of jeans and tees available these days that you can easily find some trustworthy options for the roughest of days. One great outfit idea would be to wear flared jeans with a loose fitted but tucked in silk blouse. Since your shoes will hardly be visible in this outfit, opt for your most comfortable booties and you’ll be ready to face anything that comes your way.

A Dress For The Win

Dresses are one of the easiest outfits to play with and we all know how magical a little black dress can be. But what you need for a busy day is a nice breezy dress, which is tailored according to your needs. In fact, a nicely tailored dress will be all you need to look put-together even when you have no time for touch ups or accessorising. The best part is that a tailored dress would always look more elegant and expensive than its untailored counterpart.

Maximise Your Look

Going for maxi pieces on hectic days is yet another idea for a perfect outfit. You will feel way more comfortable in a flowy maxi dress, skirt or tunic than in a tight skirt or top – instead of sticking to your body all day long, these pieces are loose in the right places (which may help if you tend to sweat a little more when you are super busy) and ultra-easy to style up. You can wear your maxi skirt with any top, depending on what kind of vibe you want to add to your outfit.

Look For The Right Fabric

Look for fabrics that offer a good stretch without getting wrinkly so you’re comfortable sitting in them for hours and still make a good impression. Some examples include jacquard tunics or denim shirts for colder days and if you want lighter fabrics for Summers then you can go for lightweight ones such as cotton, slik or chambray.

Choose Tasteful Accessories

As a busy woman, your personality and your work should be the things that people remember about you and not your high heels or glamourous accessories. So use accessories to bring life to your outfits but make sure that they are tasteful, practical and minimal. For instance, if you know that you’re about to have a busy day then opt for a small cross body bag because you would want your hands to be free and have the least amount of weight on your shoulders.

Layer Like a Pro

A busy day can include a number of different activities such as business meetings, assignments, date-night, work related activities and what not. And if you wish to bring your A-game to each of these activities then you need to layer the right way. You can start by wearing a sporty tank top (or camisole) with leggings, layer the tank top with your favourite dress and finally, layer it with a blazer for a professional look.

Once you’re done with your morning activities and want a more relaxed look, you can take off the blazer and continue the rest of the day in your dress that you should pair with professional shoes and belts.

And if you want to end the day with a fun filled night out then get rid of the dress and wear a sequenced jacket (which you can easily carry in your handbag) over your tank top and you’ll be all set to party.

And lastly, we all know what our best colours are, so when you feel like you might be having a busy day, choose your best colours as they’ll instantly brighten your skin. We hope that these ideas will help you look put-together on even the most stressful days, without making you compromise on your comfort. So stay strong and stay beautiful!

About the author

Sarah is a hijabista and fashion consultant at Modanisa. She is really keen on styling up women’s outfits to look beautiful, yet comfortable and modest. She’s always trying out new fashion trends and styles.

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