Styling a luxury bag in the real world

A luxury leather bag is the go-to accessory if you’re looking for ease of use and an immediate style boost to your outfit. The versatility, the elegance, the allure of perfect craftsmanship, everything about a luxury bag is designed to elevate your wardrobe to new heights regardless of what you’re wearing. Such is the enduring power and excellence of a choice bag.

As the director of Avery Verse, an Australian luxury handbag brand, I’m surrounded by handbags of our own and others all day, and am often discovering new ways to use a certain design to raise the bar of a woman’s attire. The most common thing I witness is a disparity between style and function, with one brand being excellent for a night out but not the office, or vice versa.

For many, the journey from work to a restaurant happens seamlessly with little time to change and so being able to craft a look that can work in dramatically different circumstances is so important. This is especially true for those in upper management who have more responsibilities to juggle than most could ever handle and yet still want to look good. Because of this, I’ve put together three styles anyone can adopt with their next luxury bag that highlights your good fashion sense without sacrificing practicality.

Simple & Versatile Crossbody

This is a must have for any woman with a day job and a night life. A sophisticated and elegant cross body bag that can carry your wallet, keys, phone and makeup into the office and out to a club without missing a beat.

The ideal luxury cross body for everyday use is one with a minimalist presentation like a small logo, very little hardware and a comfortable cross body strap. This ensures you can look chic in the boardroom and when running to catch a taxi.

For Avery Verse, we created the Urban Stroll as our expression of simplicity and style.

Urban Stroll Crossbody Bag – Navy Blue

A Bold & Secure Handbag

Standing out for all the right reasons is the name of the game when it comes to luxury handbags. What grabs you attention and makes you feel like royalty? The best move is rich colours, strong contours in a bags design and well balanced hardware, gold is always best, that meshes with the leather to raise the bar of elegance.

Once you have attention, though, it’s worth feeling secure at the same time, and this is where it’s so important to bring together features that keep everything inside the bag as safe as possible. By combining a safety feature like a twist latch with a statement feature like a triangular flap you can reduce the chance of losing your phone while looking your best.

For Avery Verse, we created the Ballad for its bold statement and security.

Ballad Handbag – Red

A Tote Bag That Starts Conversations

Sometimes you’ve got to carry a laptop, a tablet, notepads and more to the office and yet still look great and unencumbered at an office dinner. The juggling act only becomes more difficult as the work day becomes crazier and the hours you could have spent going home, dressing up and travelling back out evaporate. This is where a tote bag is your best friend, especially when you’re expected to be everything to everybody.

The best luxury totes have rich or subtle external features that present it as a piece of art, while accomodating the work horse features a tote is known for, like a large interior and practical coin and phone pockets. By seeking out these bags you’re able to flash your style and yet still carry everything you need without missing a beat.

For Avery Verse, we created the Manhattan for its elegant stitching and solid tote structure.

Manhattan Tote

These principles are the guiding lights for any hard working fashionista that needs to manage her work and personal life in style. The luxury bag is a versatile centrepiece for any outfit that you can use again and again without looking drab and is a must have for every outfit.

Author Bio

Taylor Cook is the director and co-founder, with his wife Christie Cook, of Australian luxury brand Avery Verse.

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