Statement outfits from around the world

“Every day is a fashion show, and the world is your runway”, said Ms Chanel; however, don’t fool yourself into thinking this is just another quote for a wannabe fashonista’s Facebook cover photo – it’s is a mantra to live by.

There really are no more rules in fashion – it’s all about the personality, the style of an individual. There is no right or wrong, it’s a matter of being yourself on purpose. Clothes you wear are a form of self-expression, as they provide hints on who you really are in what you wear. As such, it allows others to not only learn about your character, but where you come from, as well.

De Paris Avec Amour

The city of romance; but what to fall in love first – the city, gorgeous man with an exotic accent, or the street fashion? I say those classic Bréton shirts and berets, which are just the perfect mixture of high and low. It’s all about the timeless glamour and old world romance.

Strolling down the avenue des Champs-Élysées, glancing at the local cafés, you can see the French IT girls, who are not really about getting the latest thing, but developing a signature look and sticking with it. They update their wardrobe seasonally, but it all comes down to several simple statement pieces (which makes shopping that much easier).

As already mentioned – stripped, the so-called Bréton shirt, makes them look so effortlessly cool. To the market? Sure. To work? Why not. Out in the town? Hell yeah! These are best paired with signature shoes, like those fabulous patent-leather ballerinas that just seem to go with everything.

Also, a menswear-inspired tux, to spice up the evening look. Finally, a trench coat with… well, everything – jeans, gowns for formal events, fur stole in the winter, or just over your shoulders in the spring.

The Eternal Summer of Down Under

Lassoed by the ocean waters, Australian beaches are full of natural beauties, walking their light dresses, fluttering in the wind. And what makes these girls so breathtakingly beautiful? You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you – just a few basic clothing pieces.

It’s all because the true Aussie girl would say that a real beauty comes from the inside, and they really mean it. Thanks to their radiant charisma, plain white T-shirt with casual Levi Jeans in Australia make greater impact than some designer red carpet dresses. All the girls seem so natural, but let’s not confuse it with that just-rolled-out-of-bed look. Oh no, they are all about simplicity, but still spice up their appearances with a few colourful jewellery pieces, or a pair of attractive shoes.

L’eleganza Italiana

Another fashion capital; a country which despite the world full of trends, boasts women who dare to remain classic. Whether they are getting ready to go to the nearest corner shop, or are on their way to an important business meeting, Italian girls dress to impress. But how do they achieve that simple, yet chic and sexy look? By choosing one statement piece of the day – be it earrings, necklace or stiletto shoes, they opt for one and then build the outfit around it.

Little black dress, in all shapes and sizes; tight-fitted red dress, paired with black heels; white, boho-inspired dress for a casual brunch; blush coat and grey separates for the fall; shiny, colourful blouse with high-waisted wide-leg pants – the outfit choices are versatile, but one detail goes with them all – round, printed, Emilio Pucci Sunglasses.

Rainy Inspiration

Find it challenging to dress for a rainy weather? Then you’ve come to the right place to learn, because British girls nail it, every single time. What is their secret? The two Ss – Simple, yet Significant. Initially governed by the unpredictable weather changes, British girls build their style around the unexpected pieces, like rain boots.  Who would have known that a plain rubber-soiled shoe would go from a practical accessory to a statement one?

Despite living in the land of the eternal autumn, British ladies haven’t got rid of their floral dresses they tend to wear over tights, or with funky socks, in combination with plimsolls or Doc Martens. Nevertheless, they never leave their trench coats at home, thus always being prepared for the rain.

Even after they complete their outfits, British girls never really look done, and it’s not about their clothes – it’s the hair. Who wants to spend hours prepping, when they know humidity is bound get its fingers into it. So there’s the origin story of a messy bun, and nobody’s rocking it like British Instagrammers.

Prizing Elegance Meets Fantasy

Most unique, most inspirational… it did not take much for Japanese style to take the entire world by storm, inspiring some of the most notable fashion icons of today, like Gwen Stefani and Katy Perry. Japanese girls have only one rule: the weirder, the better, and they always dress make a statement and express their individuality.

When they accessorise, they don’t stop at crazy necklaces; they dare to show off edgy lingerie to elevate the look of seemingly ordinary garments. Colourful pieces are obligatory, and they wear them in layers, too – printed tights under tiny shorts, combined with a black leather jacket, all which works perfectly for both spring and fall.

However, to prove Japanese girls are loyal to their roots, let’s just look at their shoes – always platform, evolving from traditional Chinese-Japanese Geta, a clog and flip-flop combo. But to sexy this traditional look up, they put on the above-the-knee socks. Who would’ve thought a country so proud of its heritage would produce something so radical?

U.S.A. – Urban, Simple, Attractive

For an average American girl, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Yes, with America comes Hollywood glamour, but don’t you think Blake and Ryan look best in their ripped jeans, basic neutral shirts and plaid shirts? Or when paparazzi manage to snap a few pics of Jennifer Aniston in her sweatpants during her morning jog?

It’s what brings them closer to us mortals, and these comfort-focused and laid back outfits have been embraced by girls continent-wide. To them, it’s all about the denim! Only American girls can look so effortless, yet dashing in a pair of good jeans. They don’t make it look like it was their last resort. Whether we are talking about denim shorts, skirt or a jacket, paired up with Cowboy boots, they somehow manage to pull it all off without looking silly or bizarre.

Although we dedicated this article to some kind of stereotypes, in the end, we conclude it’s not really about the outfits, but the women wearing them. Each and every one of the above mentioned styles is inspired by the generations of women who dared to mix and match until it all finally made sense for their unique character. And you? What can your clothes say about you?

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