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Mariposa Alternative Bodycare was launched in January 2003 by myself and partner Debbie. With both of us having a background in the health food industry and in particular with organic products, we wanted to start our own business that was in line with our experience and beliefs; a business that would be positive for ourselves, the end consumer, and the environment.

With this in mind we decided that our range should be full and comprehensive, providing the best organic and natural skin and bodycare products that would provide real alternatives to the ‘natural’ high street brands.

The choice of a web-based shop ( was built upon the understanding that often demand for such natural products is not met in rural areas where there are less well stocked health stores.

The decision to provide such a mail order catalogue service has been welcomed not only in the UK, but as far away as Taiwan and Japan, Europe and the USA, with Mariposa Alternative Bodycare shipping products to many international customers.

Skincare products with organic ingredients are actually difficult to find. Moreover, when you do find a truly organic product, it is surprising how many products reveal very little about their ingredients, if anything at all.

At Mariposa Alternative Bodycare we list the full ingredients of all the products we sell so you can see exactly what you’re getting. We also pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide range of products by not being tied to particular brands; that way we are free to search out the best products – often from small, local producers that are unable to work with large companies’ supply systems.

A good example of one such supplier is Earthbound Organics ( The force behind Earthbound is Jo Ordonez Sampson. Jo, who is a qualified aromatherapist, also trained as a biologist before researching the herbs, oils and plants that she would come to use in the Earthbound range of organic skincare.

Jo maintains a ‘hands on approach’, collecting herbs and flowers for her product ingredients and filling the jars herself. Most of the ingredients are organic and wild crafted, with all of them natural and mostly hand-picked from hedgerows in the Welsh countryside. Those that are not indigenous to Wales are bought from approved organic herb suppliers.

Another big advantage of being a small company is that we are able to provide a level of customer service that big players can not.

With one of us always at the end of the telephone, we are easy to get hold of and can provide a personal expert service for anybody with a general enquiry or who simply wishes to order by telephone from a real person! By building a rapport with our customers, we obtain many valuable suggestions that help us regularly review our product ranges and continually improve.

Since it’s launch, Mariposa Alternative Bodycare has gone from strength to strength, adding new products on the recommendation of satisfied customers.

As a result, we don’t just stop at natural skincare products; we also stock ear candles, skin brushes, toothbrushes, tongue cleaners, Natracare organic tampons and pads, and Simply Gentle fair trade organic cotton wool products as part of our ‘Body care essentials’ department.

By understanding the needs of the environmentally aware woman of today, Mariposa is able to provide an extensive range of quality products to you. We are sure you will find us well worth a visit: Website:, Email:

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