Lady in red: How to be that mysterious woman on a first date

Being on your first date is an exciting and a terrifying experience at the same time. When it comes to meeting your date, whether it’s an entirely new guy you just met or an old high school friend, there’s no doubt that those pesky butterflies in your stomach will make its way out of hiding.

When going on that first date, a woman will begin to think about the possible things that could happen before, during, and after that date. Not only that, a lady will start to think about how her partner would see her, such as “Am I fat? Do these pair of stilettos make me look evil? Is my makeup too thick? Should I eat and order a lot? Who’ll pay for the dinner?”

The questions mentioned above are just a few things of what goes through the mind of a lady who experiences a lot of stress on her first date. For men who get to experience something like this, consider yourself lucky: It means that the Mademoiselle is thinking about you and preparing herself to look beautiful for you.

If the problem on your first date is who’ll pay for the dinner, refer to somewhere else. This article is about helping the lady take off a few things on her mind: Her style and fashion. To lessen the worry and anxiety for the women, here are some tips to keep a lady looking beautiful on a date night.


Most guys will tell a lady that all they want in a date is someone who’s pretty and straightforward. A lot of men are guilty of saying that statement and afterward, they point to a supermodel or a porn star as their “preferred” type of woman.

Let’s face it, men can be a bit confusing sometimes, and it’s the lady’s job not to confuse them a lot more. When a woman wants to impress a guy, they always go for enhancements. Although it’s a good idea to go for makeup, it’s best not to overdo the cosmetics. Choose a makeup that will highlight your features.

A lot of women think that too much makeup can be a bit more natural for them, but for men, it’s what’s underneath that counts. Truly men are confused and amazing creatures.


Speaking of Enhancements, women with huge assets tend to show them off. Although it isn’t mandatory, more cleavage might do more harm than good. Although women who want to be successful and more noticeable show some degree of cleavage, a more than average neckline is a big no on a date night, especially if a lady knows that he’s the “guy.”

Women shouldn’t see and treat themselves as an object or tool. If the man is indeed the “right one” for a lady on their first ever date, surely he will think the same way as well.

Sexy Back

A trend among women today is that small, intriguing tattoo on the nape. Most women show this tattoo off as a sign of being sexy. Most men prefer this, especially if the tattoo isn’t oversized and goes along with the overall look of the lady.

Guys also prefer to see the sexy backs of their dates as a “prelude” to the future sights he’ll be seeing if they work out. Women prefer to show this sexiness as a subtle form of flirting with her date.

Color Power

Women should never underestimate the power of colors and what it brings to the table when it comes to dates. For women who want to make a lasting impression, wearing a red dress or something that accentuates the red colors of her attire makes men more attracted to them.

A study made by several scientists in China, suggests that the color red makes women feel confident and sexier when being with a man. Another color that makes men fall for women is black. Although black is a common color used by women, it is 100% fail-safe and is considered a go-to color for first timers on their dates.

Black is also a color that piques interest with men. It adds mystery to the lady and which makes guys intrigued and want for more.


A golden necklace or a beautiful watch isn’t the best accessory for that perfect dress. Neither is a stiletto or any jewelry for that matter. Even though a date is sometimes troubling, women prepare and dress too much that they forget that a first date is also a fun, happy, and unique way to meet a potential partner.

A better way to present yourself to that potential “partner” by smiling your way towards him. Alongside all the preparations done by most ladies, a smile will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. Smiles make men feel that the woman appreciates their effort.

The power of a smile is no joke. Always remember when a fashionable and stylish woman smiles at her date, the guy will return the favor by smiling as well.


Dates can be very intimidating for women. The need to feel confident and beautiful will always loom on every woman’s shoulder when that particular date comes to fruition. It is indeed important for a lady to prepare for such an occasion because it’s one of the more formal times that she can meet a potential partner for the rest of her life.

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