How to use foam hair rollers on short hair

If you have short hair, you probably know that it’s challenging to put your hair up in rollers. Most of the rollers sold today are designed for medium to long hair. If you’re looking for the best hair rollers, then you’ve come to the right place. Use this guide to choose the right option for you.

Start with Thin Rollers

A thick hair roller gives you great curls but you may not be able to put your hair up if it’s on the shorter side. Choose either thin or medium rollers. It’s actually best to choose a combination pack that has a variety of sizes. This will allow you to use medium or even large rollers for longer strands and small rollers for the shorter strands. Chances are, unless you have hair that’s less than a few inches long, you can find a roller that suits your needs.

Most beauty supply stores have a variety of rollers available. There’s no specific brand that you need to purchase, although a good quality option is going to be the best choice. Look for rollers that have a variety of sizes and are backed by good reviews.

Using Foam Rollers

When you start using the rollers, always start with your bangs first. Put the roller under the bangs and wrap hair underneath. Continue wrapping until the roller reaches your scalp and get the roller as tight as possible to keep hair from loosening.

For the rest of the hair, divide your hair into sections before you start using the rollers. The reason for this is that short hair will have different lengths and you want to use the right size roller on each section. Hair on the top of your head will likely be longer than the hair closer to your neck. Divide your hair into five or more sections. Generally, you will need two on the sides of your head, one on the top of your head, and two on the back. Depending on the length of your hair, use a small, medium, or even large diameter roller for each section.

Because shorter hair is more prone to losing curl over time, you’ll also want to use a styling product to keep the curl as long as possible. Applying a small amount of mousse before you use curlers is a great way to make sure that your hair keeps its waves throughout the day. You can also apply a small amount of hairspray or gel after removing the curlers for a firm hold.

Removing the Rollers

Either hot or overnight rollers can be used in short hair and then removed as directed. Tousle hair or style as desired after removing and you’ll be set for the day. You can use a small diameter curling wand to fix any strands you missed.

Use this guide to learn how to choose the best hair rollers for short hair. And also read this guide to know best hair rollers for long hair. Although you may have to buy some small diameter rollers for your short hair, you can use these tips to get started and enjoy short, curly hair every day.

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