How to match clothes when you’re clueless about color-matching

One of the most common problem encountered in fashion industry is the difficulty faced in color matching. Most of the women don’t know how to match colors in a way that they sync with each other and work together in creating a look that is pleasing to the eye.

To solve this problem all women must know about the basics of colors. When it comes to choosing colors to combine in clothing there are very few hard and fast fashion rules and guess what most of the fashion rules are made to be broken, as fashion is all about expressing yourself and matching colors that compliment your personality.

In order to match colors and never make a mistake you need to learn about the basics of color matching. You don’t need to worry anymore as this article will help you know all about colors and how to match them.

First of all you need to learn about colors. The colors can be divided into three groups

Neutral colors:

This group of colors include cream, white, grey, black and navy blue. Neutral colors are named so because they can pair up with most of the colors.

Normal colors:

This group of colors include yellow, green, red colors. Normal colors pair up well with neutral colors


Patterns are a mixture of both normal colors and neutral colors therefore they pair up well with colors from both of these groups. It is not a wise option to start with the patterns at first. First learn to master normal and neutral colors and then move on to matching with patterns.

Now to know about how color theory affects clothes that go together we need to study complementary colors and analogous colors

Complementary colors:

Complementary colors are those colors that complement each other and are found at the opposite sides of the color wheel. The term complementary can be misleading as it does not mean that wearing complimentary colors will work together to complement you.

It is best to avoid wearing complementary colors until and unless you are confident with your dressing. You can try combining one color with a paler tone of the opposite color. For example try combining blue with pale gold. 

Analogous colors:

Analogous colors are those colors that lie next to each other on a color wheel. As they are similar shades of one another when combined they create a pleasing visual effect. Combine no more than three analogous colors. It is safe to choose two analogous colors and one neutral color because with this combination you can never go wrong.

If you are wearing items of the same color you must check that they should be exactly same because wearing nearly same colors will look like you tried hard to match exactly but failed.

Last of all choose the color of your shoes carefully because shoes complete your overall look. For example if you are wearing all black don’t wear brown shoes because it will give a mismatched look. But if you do wear brown shoes make a color scheme with the help of accessories to pull the outfit together.

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