5 tips for improving your summer wardrobe

Summer has finally arrived – and brought with it the glorious sunshine and bright nights. To help you look your best this year, we’ve put together five tips for improving your wardrobe.

Choose your colours wisely 

Summer is all about bright colours, but be sensible when buying your summer wardrobe – those pastel pink sandals may look good in the shop, but how many outfits do you have that you can pair them with? Choose neutral colours like white, cream and denim, and you’ll be able to put together a summery outfit at a moment’s notice.

Think about every occasion

Are you planning a summer barbeque with your friends and family? Are you hitting the clubs at the weekend? Are you considering a road trip or a week abroad? Make sure you think about every occasion when putting together your summer wardrobe – find clothes in the winter that can be adapted for the summer and consider buying some cardigans, coats and jeans that you can wear when the weather cools off, and you’re still out and about.

Accessorise to impress

If you want to look your best this summer, then you need to find some accessories that complement your outfits. Bracelets, hair pieces and belts are all must-haves, and you should also consider some of the luxury sunglasses that are available on websites such as Eyeconic Society to finish off your look. Sunglasses don’t have to cost a fortune, and adding a pair to your outfit can transform your look, give you confidence, and, of course, protect your eyes.

Donate clothes you don’t want

When you’re sorting through your summer wardrobe, consider throwing away the clothes that you no longer want or need. The BBC has put together a guide to what happens when you donate your old clothes to charity, and it’s an interesting read. Did you know that UK consumers ditch more than a million tonnes of clothing a year? Now’s your time to make a donation, or consider hosting your own thrift sale to raise some cash for your summer.

Dress light

Temperatures and weather conditions vary from country to country, but typically, summer is the warmest time of the year. To avoid overheating, dress lightly – find light, airy clothes that flow from your body, and avoid bulky items like jumpers and coats. Plus, if you find lightweight clothes, you’ll be able to save money when travelling abroad. It’s a win-win!

There you have it – our five top tips for perfecting your summer wardrobe. Whatever you’re doing, whether staying at home or travelling, have a great summer!

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