5 Secrets that celebrities do to become healthy and successful

Ever heard of the phrase, “Sleep is for the weak?” A lot of people often use this saying as a way to motivate individuals who aren’t exerting a tremendous amount of effort in their jobs. Literally speaking, sleep isn’t for the weak. It’s for the healthy and prosperous people.

Almost everyone knows that the three crucial parts of a healthy and prosperous person are sleep, eat, and exercise. Those who want to improve themselves should be aware that even if one part doesn’t have the same attention from the three essential parts, the other two would falter and cause disruption within the system of the person.

Ordinary people will find it surprising that individuals who are rich and famous believe in the same three part concept of sleep, eat, and exercise. In fact, celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Stephen King, and Bill Gates all have routines that accommodate a healthy lifestyle.

A more appropriate saying would be “Health is wealth.” The celebrities above agree which will give you more reason to agree as well. Here are some tips for a healthy lifestyle which will be more than enough for you to propel yourself into success.

Reading before going to bed

As mentioned above, certain celebrities have “rituals” before going to bed. Although some have unhealthy habits such as Hugh Hefner, who loves gorging on fried chicken, there are also a lot of other famous personalities who have healthy routines such as Bill Gates.

Bill Gates’ likes to read an hour before sleeping. He says it’s part of falling asleep. Reading something interesting at night, right before falling asleep is good for you because it relaxes and relieves anxiety. Choose passages or books that are informative. Anything from healthcare to politics is a good choice, as long as you’re enjoying it before bedtime.

Stick to eating healthy food

A lot of people tend to have a lot of nasty and unhealthy eating habits. A huge number of individuals prefer fast food rather than other healthy alternatives. Try eating green leafy vegetables with a balanced proportion of protein and other essentials. Sooner or later, people who consume healthy food will start to notice its benefits to their body.

Shailene Woodley, the actress behind the hit movie Divergent loves going to the Farmer’s Market because of the produce that’s always fresh. It’s also less expensive, and most products are organic and free from harmful pesticides.

Try something different once in awhile

Former Black Eyed Peas vocalist and recent solo artist, Fergie attests to the wonders of apple cider vinegar. She takes two teaspoons of the vinegar every morning right after waking up. Apple cider has a lot of benefits such as lowering blood pressure, detoxify, and weight loss.

It’s no wonder Fergie went solo but is still doing great in the industry because of her beauty, talent, voice, and figure. Don’t be afraid to try out new items. Just make sure you do enough research to know about a product’s effects that could affect you significantly.

Light stretching and exercise before and after bed

For Buffer CEO Joel Gascoigne, a 20-minute walk every evening before bed helps him sleep better. According to Joel, it’s a way or winding down period wherein he starts to stop thinking about work and readying himself into rest gradually.

According to a few reliable sources, focusing on low-intensity exercises such as walking briskly for about 20-50 minutes is a very effective way of releasing stress. Other activities include a stretching routine to increase circulation before going to bed.

Doing some stretches after getting out of bed is also a good way to start the day. Stretching enables the body to have a healthy circulation, making you feel more energetic and alert.

Allowing yourself to rest

People who claim to be gym buffs say that the only way you get bulging muscles and the toned body they have is by continuously working out without rest. According to them, nothing else provides the best results unless you work out like dying.

The belief mentioned above is nothing but a far-fetched and fabricated story made up by a lot of people. Although going to the gym, lifting weights, and doing other beneficial exercises is a strong impetus towards that lean and muscular body. Sleep is the phase wherein the body rests and begins to build back damaged tissues and muscles.

The body begins a lot of processes that involve in recovering from a rigorous session at the gym. As a result of this phase, the body comes back much stronger and leaner. Just be sure to spend the right time in bed, and the results will be promising.


With a sense of purpose and dedication, the three crucial parts of a growing and successful individual is sleep, eat, and exercise. A lot of people will be glad to know that celebrities, athletes, and other famous personalities also have the same beliefs as them. Eating the right food necessary for growth and other bodily functions is the right way to go.

Getting enough sleep and allowing the body to recover from a beneficial exercise is how these three intertwine together and bring out the best in a person. Neglect in just one part will enable the other two qualities to falter, causing the person to have a lot of unhealthy habits.

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